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Welcome to Group MI for Teens! Here you’ll find guidance on facilitating our motivational interviewing-based interventions in group settings with adolescents. Register to view training videos, download intervention materials, get continuing education credits, and explore MI resources – all free of charge.

See how MI can help teens make healthy choices about alcohol and drug use.

CHOICE is a voluntary, five-session group MI prevention and intervention program for middle school youth.

*CHOICE materials available in both English and Spanish.

Free Talk is a six-session group MI intervention developed for at-risk youth ages 14-18 with a first-time alcohol or drug offense.

MICUNAY (Motivational Interviewing and Culture for Urban Native American Youth) is a three-workshop program that integrates traditional practices with MI and emphasizes making healthy choices for the brain, body, and spirit.

Group MI For Teens

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Welcome to Group MI for Teens

Participating in Traditional Practices Improves Outcomes for Native American Youth

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